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WiK Capital is the first company in Poland to offer a comprehensive range of services related to:
  • realization of hotel projects, including the Condo model;
  • sale of hotel suites in existing buildings as well as in a newly built;
  • the activities of existing privately run hotels and hotel chains, including their infrastructure, conference, leisure or treatment facilities and SPA.


We know how important is to offer hotel services at the highest level while keeping the costs down and profits up. We offer hotel management by managers titled with over 50 international industry awards. We direct our services to Investors and hotel owners looking for specialists who could plan and coordinate the operations of the facility.

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We conduct a reliable assessment of existing facilities. Our assessment includes a basic audit, which incorporate an in-depth interview with the facility manager, visit of the „mystery shopper", a check of the hotel's internal procedures, analysis of the profit and loss account, budget assumptions, hotel’s feasibility as well as sales and marketing plans. During the co-operation we show the chances of the facility as well as minimize of the risks associated with risky management decisions. Our knowledge provides advice on a level that guarantees the success of the investment.

We offer short or long term hotel management suggestions. The final offer presented to the client is tailored to the market position of the facility and assumes the achievement of specific target within a specified period of time. WIK Capital especially recommends its services at the pre-opening stage of new hotels. The noticeable effects of co-operation after the contract period are implemented and effective procedures that guarantee a stable revenue and return costs of investment.


Due to positive relations with major banks and investment funds we support our Clients in the process of acquiring funds for new investments. With the knowledge gained in the authorial industry reports and the extensive portfolio, we are able to provide substantive arguments and reliable forecasts for the planned implementation. The positive result of the internal feasibility analysis of the project carried out by WIK Capital is one of the greatest strengths in the process of acquiring external funds.

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At the client request or selected entities (e.g. the bank), we develop precise estimates that provide adequate information about the value of the property. Estimates may include both existing and planned hotel investments. Additionally, we provide services of verifying the assumptions and practicality of financial forecast. Due to the opinion of our experts, our Client can confirm the correctness of the previous assumptions or re-estimate the level of risk and take proactive measures to prevent possible losses.


We provide rapid commercialization of the facility, including the acquiring of an investor and mediating in negotiating of hotel sales contracts, proceed into a franchise chain or long-term contract for the management or rental of the facility. We recommend our Clients to a stable hotel chains in the market, taking into account the standard and characteristics of the subject matter of the contract. We offer mediation in negotiations and full support in the transition of the process of rebranding or adjusting the property to the requirements of the investor.

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Over the decade, our team has sold more than 1000 apartments in condominium system, and subsequent transactions are under advanced negotiations.

At this point, we declare our willingness to engage in discussions regarding the management of the hotel by WiK Capital, with particular focus on the optimization of the facility's operations.


Knowledge about market expectations (both local and global) and forecast of its development is a key issue for planned investments but also for operating facilities. We constantly monitor trends in the hotel industry, its dynamic growth, and the level of services consumption.

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We are able to find a benchmark for this knowledge in the context of planned investments and translate it into an effective marketing plan, financial forecast analysis, or feasibility study. By carrying out thorough research, we provide reliable and comprehensive analysis tailored to our Clients' current needs.

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